Turn your customers into your superfans
  • Build an efficient advocacy hub for your customers
  • Create a space where you can easily talk to your superfans
  • Identify advocates. Mobilize advocates. Reward advocates.
An easy way for businesses to build a community of superfans for their products.
Improve your products,and drive business success.
Create a direct connection with your superfans, building stronger relationships and loyalty to your brand.
Harness Superfan Energy
Channel the enthusiasm of your superfans into a dynamic feedback loop, leveraging their insights to drive ongoing enhancements to your products and services.
Cultivate a Loyal Community
Imagine nurturing a community of loyal customers who are deeply invested in your product, contributing essential feedback and insights that serve as the cornerstone for product improvement and evolution.

Customer Advocacy

Start building a relationship with your customers

Productfans offers a comprehensive solution for businesses to establish, grow, and manage a successful advocacy program.

Easily establish and manage groups of superfans to maximize engagement and loyalty towards your brand
Gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction and recruit superfans through the NPS module.
Analytics and Reporting
Metrics to track superfan engagement, contributions, and overall impact on the business.
Gamification and Rewards
Gamification elements designed to recognize and reward your most passionate fans..
Customer engagement and advocacy made easy.
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